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Room 108 Under Development Audio Transcript

Room 108 is under development as a multipurpose room that will have permanent exhibits, temporary exhibits and a conference area. The permanent exhibits will be on the architecture of the Historic Capitol with artifacts from the building’s past including architectural models, a window engraved with the State Seal, the original 1923 front doors, decorative cornices and other interesting items. Temporary exhibits might include middle and high school history fair projects, the history of elections in Florida, the judicial history of Florida, Florida’s history through newspapers, and Florida’s legislative history. There will also be a conference area for guest speakers on topics relating to Florida’s political history.

In 1902, this room was the Office of the State Comptroller, Alonzo C. Croom. At that time, it was the largest office in the Executive Department. With an eight person staff of clerks, bookkeepers and stenographers, the Comptroller oversaw the state’s finances, paid salaries and settled claims against the State. In 2003, the separate offices of Treasurer and Comptroller became one elected position, the Chief Financial Officer.