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To mark the centennial of the United States entry into World War I, the Gallery at the Florida Historic Capitol Museum is featuring panels from Over Here and Over There: The United States, Florida, and World War I. This exhibit continues the commemoration of the anniversary, featuring information and images focused on the war and Florida. There are 26 new gripping images that depict life in the US and abroad from the Florida perspective. Come see this unforgettable chapter in our history brought to life through the photographic lens of those who experienced it firsthand.

Featured Items

  • Below are 2 examples of the 26 images in the exhibit
Over Here Over There - Soldiers and Train

WWI soldier from Tallahassee in France, ca. 1917-1918
Courtesy of the State Archive of Florida

Over Here Over There - War Bonds Rally

War bond demonstration in Miami, Florida, ca. 1917-18
Courtesy of the State Archive of Florida