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Teacher Resources

Each of our museum programs have been coordinated with Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. The PDF documents below include program descriptions and standards that are met by each program. Learn more about how to schedule a group program.

Additional Teacher Resources

These programs have not been coordinated with Sunshine State Standards.

Choosing to Participate: The Power of Civic Engagement
August 27, 2013 – August 10, 2014

The Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) developed a series of educational materials for Choosing to Participate including individual lessons and complete units for teachers to implement in the classroom. Additional resources for families include recommended film and reading lists. To obtain these resources, please visit SITES Resources page.

Constitution Day Celebration 2011

The Florida Historic Capitol Museum hosted a Constitution Day event on Thursday, September 15th to celebrate the 224th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Co-sponsored by the James Madison Institute, this event featured reenactment performers portraying some of the leading voices in American and Florida history, including Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, James and Dolley Madison and former Florida Governor William Sherman Jennings. Also appearing at the Celebration were the winners of the 2011 Florida History Fair who shared their rendition of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

The Florida Knowledge Network produced a video of the Constitution Day Celebration and the link below will provide you with temporary access to videos of these performances, and to related resources. The Department of Education is pleased to host these in time for classroom use during Celebrate Freedom Week – the last week in September.

These videos are also available now on Florida iTunes U. (Requires iTunes software installation)

Pre-Visit Materials

Issues in the House of Representatives

We currently offer pre-visit materials for the Issues in the House of Representatives program. These pre-visit materials consist of 4 Prezis, which are flash-based presentations on lawmaking and three historic public issues that came before the Florida Legislature (1961 Cross-Florida Barge Canal, 1982 Equal Rights Amendment, and 1999 Opportunity Scholarship Program). These historic legislative issues are the three that students can examine in our onsite program, when they conduct a mock legislative session in the Historic House Chamber. We suggest that the teacher choose one or allow the students to choose one of these three historic public issues to study in more detail to prepare for legislative debate during the field trip to the Historic Capitol.

Prezis are animated presentations. They can be used as a classroom presentation tool for the teacher, or as an individual or small group activity for students working at a computer. They are also appropriate for homeschool students. You can view the Prezis embedded below or click the link to go to the Prezi website. A non-animated version is also available. We have developed worksheets to go with each Prezi, which are listed below the Prezi link for each presentation.

More information about how the Prezis work and about the worksheets is located in the Prezi Lesson Plan. These programs are intended for a middle school or higher audience, but State Standards for grades 4-12 are provided for teachers who wish to modify the materials for their classrooms.

Prezi Lesson Plan - for all Prezis (PDF)

Please contact us for more information or questions on these materials; or if you have any feedback, suggestions, or comments on these programs, at Please call (850)487-1902 to schedule a group to participate in our Issues in the House of Representatives Mock Legislative Session program.